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Non-Surgery Facelift – An Impossible Dream?
As we age, we often dread catching a glimpse of ourselves in the mirror. Loose, sagging skin, wrinkles, fine lines, and puffiness play havoc with our appearance. More than graying hair, more than minor aches and pains, our skin reminds us that we are growing older. In our society, growing older can be detrimental to both career and self-image.
But what can be done? Cosmetic surgery is expensive and risky. We're all familiar with people whose surgery left them with an odd appearance, or troublesome scar tissue. (And every type of surgery carries the risk of damage to your health.) There are thousands of creams and oils and lotions on the market, all promising to reduce the signs of aging, but these have limited success delivering on their promises.
There is an alternative. Since the 1980s, upscale spas have been offering radio frequency skin rejuvenation therapy. This therapy has been referred to as "the instant facelift” because of the amazing results experienced by many clients.
Radio Frequency Skin Rejuvenation
This technique uses a big Radio Frequency machine to deliver several benefits to the skin – but the main aim of RF therapy is to support the skin's natural regenerative processes in the production of collagen. Crow's feet, deep forehead wrinkles, baggy eye pouches, sagging neck skin – all of these are caused by the depletion of collagen, the substance that keeps skin firm and youthful. Decades of exposure to the sun cause the breakdown of collagen. And, as well, the production of collagen slows down as we reach middle age.
These big Radio frequency skin rejuvenation therapy uses a microcurrent to deliver thermal energy deep into the dermis and cutaneous layers of the skin. By targeting the areas where collagen production occurs, the treatment deals with the mechanism responsible for the aging of skin, rather than merely tackling the symptoms.
The main effects of RF treatment occur over a number of weeks and months. But there are other more immediate results of the treatment, too. One of these is the stimulation of the epidermis that occurs. This increases blood flow to the outer layer of skin, promoting a healthy "glow.” Another effect is achieved by the stream of enriched oxygen that the machines emit. Enriched oxygen is a natural cleanser; it removes impurities from enlarged pores, leaving skin smoother and softer and promoting a clear complexion.
Side effects of the treatment are also very useful. A skin cream is used with the treatment, and the therapy allows the cream to penetrate more deeply into the skin, increasing its effectiveness. Plus, the machine causes an almost immediate tightening of the skin – often resulting in an "instant facelift!” Some clients experience a dramatic improvement after only one treatment.
Home Use RF Wands
Few of us can afford regular treatments at an upscale spa. But fortunately, the same type of technology is available in a lightweight, portable "wand” at a lower amplitude for everyday home use. These are affordable, effective, and easy to use. By using the wand for three minutes in the morning and three minutes in the evening, you can help promote collagen production by supporting the skin's natural regenerative processes and see the health and elasticity of your skin improve significantly.
Learn to love your mirror again – try the rejuvenating power of radio frequency skin therapy.
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